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So last post I was all Mrs Busy with getting on with my winter projects around the house.

The new dishwasher is life-changing.  Everything comes out perfect and I am once again spokesperson for Miele’s awesome electrical goodies.  Mike and I are those boring people that show each other how sparkly each glass/spoon/plate is as we unload the dishwasher.

And my main project of painting the brown ceiling beams in the bathroom of our Le Jardin room is done.  I can’t believe how much it has lightened up the bathroom not having those brown beams anymore.  Actually, I can believe it.  I never liked them but I was too chicken to paint them as there’s no “unpainting” wood without major works.  I have now realised that I have no photos that showed the brown beams but here is the new and improved bathroom ceiling.  Drum roll please… I also plan to paint some other rooms, but I decided to hire painting company in York, PA to do all the paint job. For now I am done with painting myself.

An idea to get a new glass shower door in Sacramento was also mine. It makes the bathroom bright and open-looking. I am really proud of my work.

Next project is reupholstering a bench in our family suit L’Arro.  Then hanging some lovely cream cabbage leaf plates in La Mirabelle.  Then the builders are back in late February to install some internal doors to cut down noise from our kitchen and help with heating insulation.  And the driveway at the gate is being levelled to help with low sporty type cars coming and going.  My project list never ends and everything has to be crammed into our winter months so that our guests are not disturbed in any way.  As they say here “on y va!”