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Gold Beach on a clear winter day.
These little bug eyed tractors take the boats out when the tide is low.

It’s less than three weeks until La Pommetier is open for the 2019 season and I am truly ashamed to see that it was over a year ago that I last posted on our little blog. A year. Actually more than a year. Really need to do better at this. In my defence, I’ve not been idle.

It was a really busy year in 2018 and we welcomed guests from 27 countries – including first time visitors from Colombia, Monaco, Chile, Poland, Luxembourg and Belarus. We’re considering renaming the place “La Pommetier International B&B”. This year promises to be even busier with the 75th Anniversary of D Day and so for the first time we closed over winter to give the house a little TLC.

While there’s been much painting, polishing and planning going on, the biggest change is actually outside the house.

Garden mayhem – with all the toys! The tree standing here is our mirabelle tree which supplies us with jam and the gravel area to the right will be our new kitchen garden.

Progress is currently underway in the garden to create a new lovely lawned space with seating for guests to relax after a day’s sightseeing, and a new kitchen garden which hopefully will keep us supplied with herbs, veggies and flowers for the house throughout summer. It’s been quite the project with the trick for us to get the work done when the danger of severe frosts is largely over, spring growth is near (but not yet started), and before we are open for guests again at the end of March. No mean feat, but thanks to a crazy warm February and March (so far), no great disasters have happened. Yet.

Inside, we finally found a Savonnerie rug for the living room. Purchased from the fabulous @nomibis who has a great eye for antiques. A few of our shutters and windows were replaced by our lovely carpenter who makes everything to order in oak. Antique prints from the lovely @hattiehatfield have been sourced and framed by a great artisan in Bayeux.

Finally after a four year search… a rug we could agree on for the living room.

And there’s a few behind the scenes things like a water softener system (we have off the charts high calcium water here) and a new oven in the kitchen (and its a joy to cook things at temperatures other than the 200 degrees the oven that came with the house liked to cook/cremate everything at).

Plus, we snuck in a little bit of travel. Paris (multiple times), Lausanne, and London are such quick getaways and we’re still blown away that there’s no 24 hour flight to get there. We’re really mindful not to take our move to Europe for granted… so often our guests have been to more places in Australia than us Australians!

So… on y va … last great push to have everything spick and span for the grand re-overture.

A bientot!